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Help me detox from toxic mould

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Dear friends, 

If you've been following me on Facebook, you may have observed that I was exposed to toxic black mould which has made me ill.

" Its my conviction to help others who may be suffering from this condition, by showing them how they can find healing"

I can tell you it's been the scariest experience in my life! Anti-fungal supplements are required, so I've decided to reach out for help as this is a situation that is time-sensitive and quite costly.

Poisoning by mycotoxins has to be taken very seriously. Many of these moulds are carcinogenic and are particularly insidious because they are nearly invisible. They have as well been linked to both *MS and ME.

It took a friend of mine nine months to heal from exposure to mycotoxins. He lived on steamed vegetables for nine months and used Zeolites, Lava Vitae and Chlorella plus.

For me, it's already been a six month ordeal. Changing what I eat (and not eat) is helping, however it still lingers in my body. It will take many months for me to regain my strength and energy. It's essential that I approach this from many angles. 

If you wish to help me

I'll be very grateful for anything you can give! 

 The best Supplements for removing Mycotoxins


Zeolites is a natural crystal that forms when volcanic lava mixes with sea water. Zeolite Neutralize free radicals and helps to remove heavy metals and toxins out of the body.

Lava Vitae - a Swiss product that was suggested to me from a friend who has gone through the same experience. Contains that famous mountain flower Edelweiss but also lots of other ingredients; all the B vitamins, Aronia berry, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, C and D which are all important right now. Apparently very effective and gets the poisons moving out! 

Brown seaweed - a product called Limu Moui that binds mycotoxins to the alginate in the seaweed and since alginate is never absorbed into the body it pulls the toxins out of the body via the stool.  

Activated charcoal - has many uses, but is traditionally used in case of poisoning. Toxins will bind to the surface so it can move out of the body. It is also good for cleaning the intestines and help with allergic reactions which are both things I have an issue with. 

Chlorella plus - Full of life giving chlorophyll, Chlorella helps sanitize the body. Removes heavy metals and all toxic substances. 

It was a Norwegian friend who explained that I need to stay away from any food that will nourish the mould or that can carry its own mould, like coffee and nuts. It really improved my situation when I started following his advice. 

Caprylic acid - is one of the three fatty acids found in coconut oil. It has strong anti fungal properties. I use a lot of coconut oil, but would like to get capsules of caprylic acid. For best effect it should be used with oregano oil, garlic or grapefruit seed extract.   

Colloidal silver - are nano particles of silver. It is a powerful natural antibiotic known to heal all kinds of fungal infections. 

Essential oils - I have several oils on my list. Francincense is high up on my list, but there are also others  for lungs, depression, detox, to help support the liver etc. 


How do you know? 

Well, you probably won't. I didn't, I had no idea it could be so hazardous. I was aware the humidity was not good, but kept all my focus on work and did not prioritize my well being.  Talk about important lesson learned!  

Looking back, I see that there were symptoms, but thats the dangerous thing, you don't really realize whats going on and its sort of a slow downward spiral, and then it hits you. 

For me it ended in a very dramatic asthma attack which I continued to have daily in addition to several other symptoms that are associated with mycotoxins. 

I am posting a link further down on this page to articles and interviews for anyone that might look for more information. 

These are the foods not to eat when infected by mould

When I got advice on a detox diet it got better. What I had not thought about is that a lot of the food we eat can carry mould on them, especially if it has been laying around for a while. Other food trigger allergies, and I have to stay away from all of them. Things like coffee, nuts and seeds are a no, no. In fact the choices do not flourish. I am even staying away from raw cacao, and I miss it! 

Things to stay away from

Any sugar, also fruits, and alcohol

Coffee , Raw cacao (bullet proof would be ok)


Any grains, seeds or nuts

Vinegars or condiments

All canned food (I don't eat those anyway)

All dairy products

No fried food

So what do I eat? Mostly soup actually, or steamed vegetables and eggs. I have been enjoying some salads, gorgeous tomatoes and lots of fresh herbs and avocados. I do however feel I do better with the cooked food where I add lots of garlic and ginger. I make some celery and cucumber juice as well. 

I add coconut butter everywhere to get the caprylic acid. I also add seaweeds to my food for iodine. 

I also drink Chaga tea every day and add lots of coconut butter. Chaga is so amazing for the immune system and extremely rich in anti-oxidants and just very magic for health. 


Capture d’écran 2017-09-04 à 14.08.54.png

If you wish to purchase Chaga, I have handpicked wildcrafted Chaga from Norway. The best right now is to send me an email to

I will make a new post talking about the techniques I have used to help me overcome fear and shift my mind and spirit. 

I will also share about the incredible essential oils I have used. They are so uplifting and healing and just beautiful to include in our lives. 

I am very much on a healing path and the fear I have had around my symptoms have been shared with my doctors and my closest friend. Now, I don't talk much about it but focus on daily tasks and on shifting my focus to anything that makes me feel good. I am sharing a very good documentary that explains very well what happens and how it affects people. Watch three minutes and it sums up what I have been going through.

The worst has been how it has affected my brain, but I have had many of these symptoms and you feel like you might have gone crazy. Excessive uncontrollable crying, nausea, very low blood pressure and dizzy spells, muscle and stomach pains, asthma attacks, completely blocked ears and feeling like my head has been locked into a metal box. 

I confirm what a friend said, it is like being invaded by the devil.

I am sharing this to inform as it is not easy to get information or help. Most conventional doctors don't recognize the problem, but as they say in the documentary, the scientific community is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of mould. I would suggest to anyone who has been exposed to it to search out a specialist and to find a place that can give you a mycotoxin urine test. 

Here are some links - 

This is a very good documentary on toxic mould

Here is a good informative page from a victim

Mold blogger shares what to eat and what not to eat

In my next blog post i am going to share more about the essential oils I have been using. I am very much in love with them and feel they are so wonderful to keep around and get to know. 

Thank you to my dear friends who have been there for me and given me support and encouragement and reminding me that I will get through this and all will be fine.