Food for your Wild Being

Summer Retreat with Kaypacha and Sol Jonassen in the beautiful mountains of Norway

12-16 august på Geilo : Astrologi, Kyoga, Meditasjon og Sweat lodge with Shaman Cato Nystad

In August, astrology enthusiasts flew in from around the world to be part of this amazing retreat with evolutionary astrologers Kaypacha and Sol. As magic, I was asked to cook for them.

I was excited to live this experience and to share some typical wild foods from my land. Of course I had a big pot of Chaga going in the kitchen!


"So great to meet you and thank you so much for all the delicious, healthy, amazing food at my Norway retreat!  I have found over the years that the food actually makes a huge difference in whether people enjoy a retreat or not.  It can really make or break it independent of the teacher/material being taught.  That is why I am so grateful for not only your "superfood,"  but it was super clear that it was made with loving energy as you could taste it.  Besides that, just working with your bright smiley face and Dylan was refreshing too!  I wish you the best in all your future endeavours!"

So Much Love, Kaypacha

"Trudy really knows how to honour her surroundings. She gives a wonderful twist to what she touches. Combining her natural Norwegian roots and strength with a Parisian flair, she uses what she handpicks in nature and brings in the beauty and elegance, adding colour and enchantment to the food. It is a real pleasure to taste!"


Jant Veenstra, Magician


COP 21

Global Peace Initiative of Women

December 2015, GPIW are in Paris for the Cop21. For their last evening, a cocktail party is held to honour their delegates and I was asked by Anne-Sofi Carlborn and Marianne Marstrander to prepare some tasty treats. It was a wonderful evening. GPIW brought to Paris a delegation of highly inspirational faith leaders and spiritual warriors. 

The Earth needs our attention - it needs us to help heal its body, damaged by our exploitation, and also its soul, wounded by our desecration, our forgetfulness of its sacred nature. We can no longer afford to ravage the Earth with our collective nightmare of consumerism, poisoning the soil and the soul of the world

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


Vernissages in Paris

I have had the pleasure to entertain Parisian art lovers. The artist Beth Anna, and the gallery owner Pascal Gauzes at Pijama Gallery both untrusted me the care of preparing nice treats for their guests.  


Raw food chef at detox retreat with Monique Schweitser

Three summers when I prepared raw food for a retreat of detox, raw food and amazing healers outside of Toulouse